The Inn

Raising on one side of the Romanic Church of Saint Urbano, the building of the Inn carries the stories and the energies of those who have lived it. It has undergone several restorations and used for different purposes. With the Benedictine monks, from XI to IXX century, it was a hostelry for pilgrims and wayfarers.
After Napoleon, it became property of a landlord family who gave it as residence to their sharecroppers.
The building thus became a farmhouse until the 50s, thus imprinting in its walls the farmer culture values.
When the abbey was inherited by the Apiro municipality, after an important restoration, it was converted into accommodation and restoration site for tourists and travelers. Now the Inn is bringing back the authenticity and easiness of its monastic and farmer tradition, with a tasting experience of the territory and accommodation solutions answering any different need of single travelers, groups and families.