A team full of passion for this magic place and for his work, will welcome you at the Saint Urbano Abbey Inn. This people main pleasure is to surprise you every day and make you feel at home.

Pio: from the volleyball fields to the taste of hospitality

When he welcomes and smiling invites you to get in, you just feel you got in the right place, ready to enjoy it. He has a natural talent for making you feel at home. For him welcoming is a real pleasure of the soul.

Born in Ascoli Piceno (that is the reason for which Olive all’Ascolana cannot be missed in his kitchen), agronomist by education, volleyball champion by passion, then company consultant, Pio has started some time ago his adventure in the tourism as entrepreneur in food and accommodation services. The so many lives of Pio have two things in common: the earnest enthusiasm for conviviality and the need for authenticity.

“I have always liked to listen to and talk to people, to share personal and working experiences, especially while tasting some good food around at table and drinking wine, or autumn liquid, as I call it”

That is why in 2013, in a very improbable place, on a 700 mt high mountain presepe village, Pio starts with Trattoria Castelletta, a little jewel-like tiny restaurant where you really feel as in your home kitchen.

“The Inn of Saint Urbano Abbey is a new challenge, a place that has taken my hearth immediately, a space where the magic happens. The enthusiasm with which I have welcome this opportunity is even only to the sense of responsibility for being somehow keeper of such beauty. Around this project there are wonderful people, young full of enthusiasm and elders full of stories. Each meeting is a piece of future unveiling. And it is great to be part of it.”